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Opening House: Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:30pm

Fees & Schedule

Minimum session:  Children must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 days a week with a daily minimum of 6.5 hours.

Children from birth to 6 years

No of days booked

All Ages

Over 3 years with ECE hours

















Early Childhood Education 20 hours

20 hours ECE is for three- and four-year old’s enrolled in teacher- led early childhood education services.  The 20 hours ECE programme means no compulsory fees for up to six hours per day and up to 20 hours per week.  Entitlement ceases after 3 weeks continuous absence

20 ECE Hours, what does it mean?  It means that the Government will subsidise up to 20 hours of your child’s childcare fees.

How do we claim it?  All you need to do is complete the section on your child’s enrolment form and we do the rest.

Payment terms: Fees are to be paid one week in advance by automatic payment or direct debit.  Failure to comply with this will result in the termination of your child’s enrolment of the centre. Outstanding fees will be passed onto debt collections agencies.  Agencies costs will be the client’s responsibility also.

Deposit: $200.00 to be paid on enrolment or by payment plan which will be held by the centre until you leave the centre at which time it will go towards your final invoice.  This is non-refundable if your child does not start with the centre. 

Holidays & absences:               

  • Children two years and under will receive five fee free ‘sick’ days annually, (Notice must be given prior to 8am on the day care would normally take place). This will renew yearly form your child’s start date until they reach two years.
  • Statutory holidays are charged in full.
  • Each family is entitled to a two-week holiday discount at a 50% rate for planned holidays/absences.                                                                                           To receive this discount, two weeks’ notice must be given to the centre in writing.

Sibling discount:  If more than one child of the same family account attends the centre full time, the older child may be given up to 10% discount.

Late pick up fee:  The centre is not licensed to care for your child outside of the opening hours.  A penalty of $30 per 10 minutes may be charged if you fail to collect your child within the agreed times.

Changes & notice periods:  We require four weeks notice in writing if you wish to terminate or change the permanent booking for your child.  Please ensure you notify the centre in writing and advise Work and Income accordingly, if appropriate.

Nappy charge: If your child requires the use of a centre nappy, a charge of $0.50 per nappy will be applied to your child’s account.


Discounts are allowed at the discretion of the centre and may be withdrawn at any time. 

Discounts will be withdrawn for accounts not paid in accordance with centre policy.

Enrolment at this service confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions on this schedule.