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Opening House: Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:30pm

Green Practices

Our centre has a focus on environmental sustainability; we work alongside the tamariki to teach and learn together, about Manaakitanga, caring for the natural environment. At Grasshoppers we are committed to practicing and promoting sustainable practices within our centre, weaving sustainable practices into your child’s daily experiences to develop lifelong skills for learning.

By providing big open spaces for children to enjoy nature and ‘real life’ experiences, we offer a true Kiwi childhood.  Your tamariki have opportunities throughout our programme to connect with nature and experience conservation in New Zealand, linking them with some of the founding principles of The Treaty of Waitangi.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!

This is foremost in our mind on a day to day basis, and we aim to reduce or re purpose waste wherever possible.

We have recycling stations placed around our centre, these stations sort paper and cardboard, hard plastics, cans and glass for recycling.

We supply you with a re-usable ‘wet-bag’ to transport soiled and wet clothing home each day for laundering. This eliminates the need for plastic bags - this is our gift to you.

Eco friendly, nontoxic and biodegradable products are used throughout our centre.

We feed our organic food waste to our gorgeous pet hens and Kaiako take excess home to feed their chickens too.


At Grasshoppers Early Learning Centre, we are passionate about animals and insects and all living creatures.

Kaiako role model to tamariki how to care for and respect animals – through hands on experiences and daily interactions with living creatures in our environment.

We are fortunate to have our very own chickens, fish, axolotl and cat, and soon to return, honey bee hives.

The tamariki participate in the care of our animals through feeding, cleaning and collecting eggs. We often have family pets visit too!

Your tamariki benefit from these interactions and learn about the importance of animals and insects and how we rely on them, developing skills that will aid them throughout their centre life and beyond.