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Our Programme

Grasshoppers Early Learning Centre Programme

Our programme at Grasshoppers is based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Education Curriculum called Te Whariki. We have a strong commitment to Te Ao Maori and our community.

Grasshoppers is committed to providing a programme that balances the interests of the child together with the aspirations of both the parents and teachers.

Our programme is varied and flexible on a day to day basis, developing learning dispositions for life. We offer a range of learning opportunities to engage tamariki in a well-resourced, creative and inspiring environment. 

We see children as capable learners and we believe our role, is to provide these experiences and opportunities to encourage a love of lifelong learning as well as the essential skills a child may need to be a confident contributor in their world.

Our team of qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and caring Kaiako engage with your child, getting to know them as an individual.

Through open-ended experiences, group times, shared kai times, and the choice between inside and outside play, we extend your child’s interests. By creatively offering an environment where they will have endless opportunities to communicate, explore and contribute, while being secure in their place in our Grasshoppers community.

At the heart of our programme, we have a commitment to manaakitanga, being kind, nurturing, and caring while sharing in laughter throughout each day.

Teachers document the children’s learning through observations which we call Learning Stories. We are passionate about sharing with you, the experiences and learning that happens at Grasshoppers and are committed to writing authentic stories that really capture ‘who’ your child is. This documentation can be seen within the centre, portfolios and online through a private documentation system called Educa. This documentation forms the basis of our programme planning. We work in partnership with you and value your goals, aspirations and ideas for your child.

How you can be involved in our service

Parents and whanau can be involved in our service by contribution through Educa, parent evenings, conversations with teachers about children’s learning and our programme, spending time in the centre, taking portfolios home and sharing and contributing experiences from home life.

Policies are reviewed annually in consultation with parents and families, this consultation includes the opportunity to give feedback on the current policy through face to face, email and Educa.

Self-review is the basis of our programme.  As planned self-reviews take place, teachers will consult with parents to gain their ideas and opinions and share our findings.